hi, my name is austin hunt

Austin has always found design interesting. From an early age he began working on Illustrator, Photoshop, and any other graphic design software that he could get his hands on. Within the realm of designing, he found comfort and challenge. After a stint of acting school and a liberal arts major in acting performance (which he loved very much so), he found himself working in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry at an Agency based in Bellingham, WA.

It was there that he crafted his passion for great design, SEO, helping people, and empathy into over a 100 successful digital marketing campaigns. And, sometime during, he began designing websites; first, for himself, and then quickly for friends and family. His rich knowledge of high performing websites combined with his love of graphic design allowed him to build websites that not only looked great, but performed their intended online goals with style.

Austin enjoys writing for his blog, dancing west coast swing, and, as always, spending way too much money on a good cup of coffee.

Austin Hunt & Mumarkt Design

The Mumarkt Way

it’s not guess work, it’s science (with an artistic flair)

I take both you and your customers’ time seriously. My process is not guess work; when you hire me, you’ll be working with a professional with hundreds of successful online campaigns and a barrage of extremely satisfied customer stories. My extensive background in SEO and Digital Marketing allows me to work on finding your target audience and providing them with the resources, products, and services they need when they need it while in turn achieving the online goals that you seek.

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