What does Mumarkt mean?

Mumarkt is where “mu” and “markt” meet.

mu: the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet; used as the symbol (µ) for micro
the shortening of the term market

So, mumarkt is micro market

but why…

I believe that enough is as good as a good feast.

(my marketing isn’t spammy or unwanted.)

I want people to be on the internet less, so I design our websites to provide the information, service, and product that people need without all the extra bulls&%$.

I seek to create action in the world,
and together, we can use the internet as a tool to do that.

[I am here to create great value in our world and those around us.]

and it shows in my work, in my commitment to our community, in my passion for the planet and humanity.

I help businesses succeed online in style.

Uncomplicated. Authentic. Transparent. and Empathy-driven.