SEO Consultant Vs. Agency: Which is a Best for Your Business.

Every business needs a marketing team that fits their needs and helps them achieve their goals. 

Whether you’re brand new to online marketing, or you’re in the market for some new blood (fresh website, a different approach to digital marketing, or you’ve outgrown your current provider/structure), chances are you’ve heard of two different routes: hire an SEO consultant or work with a reputable agency.

Below is my attempt to provide a fair look at the pros and cons of working with an agency as well as a consultant so that you may be better prepared to choose the best option for your business.

Disclaimer: As an SEO Consultant, it reasons to be that I will be shamelessly biased. That being said, below is my genuine and honest attempt to share with you my experience and knowledge for both. As I have worked as both an Associate in an Agency and a freelancing Consultant, you may rest assured that I have a more complete picture of the pros and cons of both.

What is the difference between an agency and a consultancy?

From a simple break-down, agencies are a mixed team of new and experienced marketers that work towards your business goals (primarily increasing traffic & leads). Consultancies tend to be a single highly-experienced individual who help solve business problems.

Both agencies and consultants range in price (from anywhere as low as $40/hr to several hundred dollars an hour) as well as focus (ie, general, legal, financial, fitness, SAS, etc).

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO Consultant, or Search Engine Optimization Consultant, is a highly skilled individual who has many years of experience improving search engine results with the goal of improving business and brand websites high-targetted organic traffic – leading to more leads, phone calls, and sales.

What is an SEO agency?

An SEO Agency, or Search Engine Optimization Agency, sometimes referred to as an SEO Company, is a team of marketers that partners with businesses and brands to help boost their online visibility in search engines. The increased visibility in search engines tends to lead to more organic traffic coming to the partnered website with the ultimate goal of more leads, phone calls, and sales.

Which is a better choice for your business, SEO Consultant or Agency?

The biggest difference between the two is: agencies tend to work on many different clients on a monthly basis while consultants have fewer clients that pay more money for direct attention to the expert. If you like having a more personal relationship with your marketer, then consider a consultant. If you want to be more hands-off, then consider an agency.

One is not better than the other, simply one is better depending on your business needs and how you tend to approach your business goals. Moz, a thought leader in the SEO industry, wrote a blog about the questions you should ask before hiring an SEO agency. I believe it’s important to get multiple perspectives before making a buying or hiring decision, so you should check that article out.

I would personally recommend setting up a consultation with both an agency and a consultant, and evaluating for yourself which feels like the best option for you and your business. Mumarkt Design is an SEO Consultant company based in Denver with years of experience getting clients results. I invite you to reach out and learn about how I might be able to help you and your business grow.

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Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt is the lead consultant & founder of Mumarkt Design. Over the last 6 years he has helped thousands of businesses grow their revenue through digital marketing, guest lectured at four-year universities to educate young professionals, and always drinks a cup of coffee on his morning walks.