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design by austin hunt | mumarkt design

The design journey and goals:

Working as a team, Megan and I developed a fresh new website for a her new business geared around helping women find empowerment. I developed her a digital marketing strategy to increase online traffic with the 2 key focuses of capturing client emails for a email marketing drip and building her Facebook Group.

About Bold Babe Collective:

The Bold Babe Collective supports ambitious women in navigating life transitions that can sometimes feel confusing and isolating. Whether you’re rebuilding after divorce or are ready for a career shift, Bold Babe gives you a roadmap for knowing who you are, uncaging your potential, and creating a life you are excited to wake up to.

Web Design Portfolio - Bold Babe Collective

Megan Taylor, Founder of Bold Babe Collective

“When I saw the completed website for the first time, it felt like I was stepping into my own home – everything just felt right. He innovated in unique ways that gave the website a special feel. My clients comment on my website regularly – they love it.”

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