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design by austin hunt | mumarkt design

The design journey and goals:

The redesign of Clinical Performance had two main goals: 1. create resource pages & 2. provide a place for clients to sign-up for online fitness programming. The website is designed to have a personal journey on each page, all of which lead to fulfilling one of two goals. In addition, posts to the resource pages are easily setup for the client to create new content at their leisure.

About Clinical Performance:

Clinical Performance is an online portal for fitness junkies, athletes, and health enthusiasts. The mission: to improve the longevity and performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts through movement, training, and nutrition.

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Web Design Project - Clinical Performance

Dr. Matt Trimner, Owner/Founder of Clinical Performance

“If I ever need someone to create another website, I am 100% going back to him. He is a huge step up from all other web design companies I have worked with.”

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