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design by austin hunt | mumarkt design

The design journey and goals:

The mission on this project was to design a fresh new website that was clean, user-friendly, mobile-ready, and SEO-friendly. The design of this site is built to create a better representation of HairFree Denver online and a stronger tool for converting online clients.

About HairFree Denver:

Do you like smooth skin but tired of dealing with the ingrown hairs, razor burn, or the expense of waxing over and over again? HairFree Denver offers a safe, gentle and quick way to remove unwanted, excessive and embarrassing hair growth using laser hair removal.

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Web Design Portfolio - HairFree Denver

Dr. Matt Trimner, Owner/Founder of Clinical Performance

“If I ever need someone to create another website, I am 100% going back to him. He is a huge step up from all other web design companies I have worked with.”

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